CP Manifesto

Coppa pizzeria is an international asymetrical inappropriate football tournament that reflects the imperfections of modern society and the flaws of human being.
Coppa pizzeria does not promote fair play, friendship, love, respect, nor any civil right.
Coppa pizzeria encourages injustice, egomania, prejudices, and pretty much anything that ends up in -ism.
Competing teams are aware that bribery, privilege, inequity, blackmailing, kidnapping and sexual favours are part of the game as much as the ball.
Coppa pizzeria is not a dog-friendly event, neither a Kid-friendly one.
Coppa pizzeria is not even a Friend-friendly event.
Unfair play can proudly call coppa pizzeria home.
Referees have the power to manipulate the game in whichever way is more convenient to the interests of coppa pizzeria.
Referees are also entitled to ius primae noctis with teams that take part to their first coppa pizzeria.
Players who question the referee’s authority not only will be sent off but will also be phisically and moraly abused.
Fans not only have the right to use smokebombs and to invade the field, but are highly incouraged to do so.
Goals scored by sober players will be disallowed and the scorer sent off.
A goal scored with a header is worth 2 goals.
A goal scored with a bycicle kick ends the match no matter what was
the score.
Games last 5 minutes, but the referee has the power to make them last 1 second or 2 hours.
Teams who play for the first time in coppa pizzeria will be brutally bullied, in and out of the pitch.
Awards and trophies are given with no decodable logic.
All the above rules may be ignored or over-ruled should the committee
decide so.
Coppa pizzeria has only a slight assonance with democrazia.
The resemblances end here.